Welcome to your nightmare! So leave you big nerd!



Our wiki's founder, Floyd, is incredibly nice and fun. He made this wiki for his small group of friends to talk about random stuff when drama happens on other wikis. He's really good at making new friends and is one of the most fun guy you'll ever meet. He also gets shipped a lot.



Choco or Boney, is our bureaucrat and is nice most of the time. He could be strict, but he'll let you go off easy if he likes you. He created the rules here and all he wants is to keep this wiki safe. He fixes the pages to make them look pretty and stuff.


Meryl is a bureaucrat and she's pretty good at it. She can be really rude, but everyone still loves her. (especially Floyd) She added our fancy colour theme and new banner. She takes care of the chat and handles drama. She's also a huge weeaboo.



Kuma or Beautiful Tropical Fish, she's known to be a huge fangirl over Leo MOTHER 4, but she's a great admin and can be sassy at times. She doesn't follow the rules, she MAKES the rules. (not really, Hotchocolatté did, but you know. Kumatora may make a few edits to them)

Chat Moderators:

Pineapple lover234:

ModestGames or just Modest is currently a chat moderator. He fixes up some of the pages and helps on the chat. Other than that he's a great friend. He also has an obsession with pineapples.


Also known as Travis. He's just a chat moderator who likes to joke around and is nice if you're nice to him. He likes EarthBound, Pokémon, and Zelda. He likes making new friends and make fun of people in a nice way.


The chat is a very major part of this wiki because you'll meet a bundle of people there. We don't like drama so if you're here to chat and have a problem with somebody, please leave until you're okay again. Please read the PSIBound Rules, it's a must before you enter the chat. Thank you.

If you have any complaints, questions or want to question a ban, please contact our wiki's Founder and/or Bureaus.
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